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  Sites can be simple, yet still be attractive and professional.  Your site is your “face” to the world.  From the first, you want your readers to take one look and reach out.  BT Solutions has done well with this small site, and they’ve undertaken a major redesign.

Contemporary Millwork and Kitchens

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These folks do incredible custom millwork.  They started out as Kitchens experts, but they’ve also developed a significant commercial practice, including work for business, medical, educational, and religious settings. This site was done in WordPress using the “X” theme.  There are many customizations, of course, and the photography was provided by the client.  The site is maintained collaboratively by Fanfare …

The BOLT Quilt Shop

John Business, Client-Managed Web Sites, We Launch...You Fly

After a successful career in the fashion industry, including work with some of the biggest fashion houses in New York, Jane decided to follow her dream.  In 2015 she opened The BOLT Quilt Shop, a wonderful store right on Route 25 in Monroe, CT. We built this site using the “X” Theme, and of course, there are customizations beyond that.  The site is …

Omni Control Technology

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Omni Control Technology is a control panel manufacturer in Whitinsville, MA.  They manufacture and assemble OEMs, which means “Original Equipment Manufacturer” control panels.  You may not have ever seen their label, but you’ve probably used a product made by a machine using one of their control panels.  For example: Ever bought a shrink-wrapped board game?  They make the control panels …