LifeDesigns ReAbility Center

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LifeDesigns ReAbility Center is a remarkable and highly specialized Health and Wellness Center.  Tad and Joanne Duni created something remarkable here, and I’m proud to say I’ve been doing their digital work for more than a decade.  Tad and Joanne created a healthcare model for people who have suffered significant brain & spinal cord injuries and other long-term illnesses.  When …

Hartford Federation of Teachers

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Chartered as a labor union by the AFT in June 1947, the Hartford Federation of Teachers is the second-largest teacher local in New England. Originally founded to assure teachers of equity in regards to wages, hours, and working conditions, the HFT helps negotiate collective bargaining agreements and continues to work towards increased equity for all. The HFT has grown from …

Sun Do Wellness

Fanfare Enterprises Business

Sun Do is an ancient Taoist form of yoga originally practiced in the mountains of Korea. This practice emerged out of a deep belief in the Tao and one’s connection to heaven and qi, a vital energy that was very strong in the mountains of Korea.  The Sun Do practice is a way to connect to nature around us and …

Baseball Inspired

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This was such a fun project that I couldn’t stop myself from ordering SEVERAL items almost immediately.  This local photographer has a passion for the game and an artist’s eye for incredible photography.  The images on this site capture all the emotion of the game.  If you love baseball or know someone who does, I highly recommend.

Matthew Della Camera

Fanfare Enterprises

This brilliant, young, low-brass musician and educator currently resides in sunny Phoenix, AZ.

SDSS Kung Fu

Fanfare Enterprises Business

SDSS is a Martial Arts provider with schools throughout the northeast.  We’ve been privileged to be associated with Grandmaster Steve DeMasco, Professor Mikael Meyer, and the amazing people of SDSS for more than 10 years.   Their business is based on small-class, personalized instruction, and strong personal connections with students.  It’s been quite a ride together, adapting and serving clients through …

Janow Custom Framing

Fanfare Enterprises Business

This family-owned framing business in West Hartford has served the community for over 50 years.  We were honored when they chose us to build their website.  If you want gorgeous framing work, done right, for a fair price, with personal service and unmatched integrity, call Laurel. or 860.236.0800.  Even in the pandemic, they’re finding ways to serve customers safely and well.

Moving With HOPE

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Moving With HOPE is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for persons with neurological disorders and early onset long term illnesses. They provide financial support, grants, and scholarships to regional clinics that offer affordable, activity based recovery solutions. They also provide low- to moderate-income families opportunities for long term recovery that are not usually available to them. …

Bulkeley High School

Fanfare Enterprises Education

Bulkeley High School is a comprehensive high school serving the students of Hartford Connecticut.  The school building itself is undergoing a massive, 4-year renovation project, so the school is currently divided into two campuses.  This was already in the works before COVID-19 and distance learning made school even more challenging for these folks.  Our digital strategy is to leverage Bulkeley’s …