No nonsense, “white hat” search engine optimization.

We will help you build strong content that your users will enjoy. Then we will make sure it is properly optimized and professionally coded. We work with you to build your domain’s authority. We want your users to engage with you and your message.

Digital communications plan

Your website is your face to the world.  But nobody sees your face unless you’re out there talking to people.  We will work with you to build a digital communications plan to build your audience, and create buzz around your brand, cause, or products. We’ll identify which social media and industry platforms are best for you. We’ll draft a plan and a message calendar for months in advance, and identify specific platforms for you to participate in. We’ll help you discover the trends and the conversations in your field, and how to participate so that people can see just how good you are!

We help you build solid, engaging, authoritative, and legitimate content. Your website should add value to your users.  That will take more work, but it is worth it.  Here are a few facts we’ve learned over the years:

  • Readers just want good content. That’s all people want from you.  No gimmicks, no games.
  • We build content for people, not search engines. Keywords are important, but readability is everything.
  • Page ranks, keyword ranks, and authority scores fluctuate wildly every week. A million other website owners are working to beat your ranking every day.
  • “Gaming” the system will always backfire. Engines will discover “black hat” techniques, and your users will probably slam you for it to.   More obvious “black hat” techniques might include:
    • scraped content (copied material)
    • keyword stuffing (the keyword on each keyword page is very keywordly keyworded to maximize your keyword use, no matter how foolish that makes you look!)
    • Bad writing.
    • Bogus links to your content from other sites
  • The field is CONSTANTLY changing.  We will help you stay with the most current search engine expectations.